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How Do Children Learn to Write and to Read? October 13 2017

Literacy has been made an urgent issue in the last decade. As parents and teachers, we worry, often deeply. Back in the 1900s, we didn’t worry so desperately. Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat, and T.V.’s “Sesame Street” were ever present to reassure us that ways were there for children to learn to read. Maybe these extrinsic tools for children to learn to read and copy writing laid the foundations for the worry — if these tools did not do the trick, perhaps there was something wrong with the child.

Book Review: Award Winning "Helping Children on Their Way" August 16 2017

Waldorf Publications is proud to be recognized by Mom’s Choice Awards with Helping Children on Their Way

Elizabeth Auer has assembled a remarkable group of educators to write about many aspects of supporting children in their different and varied “stuck places” along the road to a balanced development for life.

Happy National Handwriting Day!!! January 23 2015

The great handwriting debate filling pages of news articles and research reports gives Waldorf teachers little pause. There is no sense in teaching reading before teaching writing. Plain and simple.

If we succumb, as we are prone to do in the United States, to the latest “trend” and rationally explain that with touch screens and keyboards, handwriting is a thing of the past, the losses just might be incalculable.