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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Buy Nothing Day 2016 November 24 2016

The Friday After Thanksgiving is celebrated at Waldorf Publications and the Research Institute for Waldorf Education, RIWE, as “Buy Nothing Day.” The sweetness of the Thanksgiving holiday is its absence of commercialism. Food, family, gratitude, gathering are all that need be pondered and enacted.  Read More...

What on Earth is Eurythmy? January 20 2015

This question comes up a lot from parents in Waldorf schools!

This dance form is an essential part of the curriculum in Waldorf schools. It has its echo in another topic unique to Waldorf schools, Form Drawing. This kind of drawing builds a spatial awareness in children, and leads them to know the drawing of line as movement come to stillness. In Eurythmy many of these forms would appear on the floor if the feet were made of chalk!


Eurythmy was started by Rudolf Steiner as a performance art to make music and speech visible in artistic form.

Buy Nothing Day 2014! November 28 2014

Already over the internet comes pouring a count down to “Black Friday.” This day that honors all of our culture’s commercial and competitive shopping instincts is now like some holier holidays in deserving a countdown.

Black Friday is aptly named. Don’t you think? Waldorf Publications wants to call it: BUY NOTHING DAY!

This is a bold stroke at building a new culture, a culture that follows the light, not the inevitable darkness that comes with this time of significant events.

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