New Store brings new possibilities April 21 2014

Waldorf Publications has a new store that is now available on both the Why Waldorf Works and the Research Bulletin web site for easiest access when you are hunting down all things Waldorf!

To celebrate the new store opening, there's a SALE, of course.  Everything from Waldorf Publications is 40% off until the end of April! So stock up while this deep discount is available.

We will be introducing, through this blog, insights from recent research on reading, retention and comprehension, books that address different aspects of Waldorf curriculum, parenting tips, and ideas for childhood in the mood of Waldorf Education! 

Also, we will soon introduce our friend, the LIBRARY LADY, who will direct us all to great books to solve different problems.  She'll also point out current trends in book sales and good readers for learning and experienced readers!

We want to hear from you about what you think about all things Waldorf and all things about reading.  So stay tuned and sharpen your virtual pencils!  We'll be writing, reading and listening as will our LIBRARY LADY!

Happy Passover, Easter and Spring!