What the NEW STORE sale makes possible April 24 2014

Take a look at all that can be gotten at 40% off right now. Know that some of the newer books are definitely worth having for your classroom or at home.  If you are a recorder player, Steve Bernstien's Recorder Ensemble, is a treat. It's always easy to tell when the writer is an experienced teacher!  Many details are solved.  You can play beautiful tunes, some original compositions, with your child or with your students and get two or more at these prices!

Also, the Alpha Beta Book is a lot of fun.  It gives insight into how the Greek language sounds and how our own language is built on it. Keith McCrary, also a teacher, tickles your funny bone along with your linguistics bone.  The CD gives your ears a treat so it isn't only reading.  But it serves well also as a fifth grade reader, Like At the Hot Gates, of Donald Samson Dragon Boy fame!

That's only two or three of over 350 titles on sale right now. We want you, our loyal customers, to get the most out of this new adventure on our ALL NEW online store!!  Go check it out and check out!