Light in the Darkness December 08 2014

In the darkening days of wintertime, children become interested in the light in a different way, I have noticed. Hallowe’en begins the intrigue and for little ones it is a particular thrill to be out after dark in disguise. Light becomes increasingly important and the daylight hours precious.

Covering the windows with colored paper heightens the beauty of the waning light in a room and children love to see a room transformed with colored paper in the windows.

You can make this covering of the windows and filtering the light with color by making many-pointed stars out of folded transparently colored paper. Countless variations on stars – five-pointed to twenty-four pointed – hanging in a window where the sunshine pours in makes a mood of wonder in a room we librarians have noticed.

Try it! It’s an engaging and artistic thing to accomplish, making a pointed star of colored paper. It’s challenging and fun with dramatic results. which is available for sale in our store!

Check out the gardenmamma blog for a tutorial or Stars and Flowers Window Transparencies for sale here.

* photo from gardenmamma blog - A Tutorial For Waldorf Window Stars!