An Advent Story for the Fourth Sunday in December December 26 2015

L’Ange Mauve

On the last Sunday before Christmas there is a great angel, draped in a violet cloak all tender and warm, who appears in heaven and hovers over all the earth. She carries in her hands a great lyre.  She plays on that lyre a music, very sweet, and she sings a song very melodic and clear.  But to be able to hear it you must have a silent and attentive heart.

She sings the great song of Peace, the song of the Infant of Christmas and of the Kingdom of God who comes to the earth.  Many little angels accompany her, and they also sing and celebrate in heaven.

Then all the seeds which sleep in the Earth are awakened, and the Earth herself listens and weaves:  the song of the angels tells each seed and the Earth that God does not forget and that one day each seed and the whole of the Earth will be made new in Paradise.