Author Eric Müller likened to C. S. Lewis August 13 2019

The Invisible Boat by Eric Müller earns a rare starred review from prestigious Kirkus Reviews!


Kirkus Reviews likened Eric’s imaginative tale to C.S. Lewis’s, stating that the magic in The Invisible Boat attains a sense of reality often not achieved in stories for young adults. We think that this is a tribute to the author’s connection to the natural world. He has spent years teaching, parenting, and thinking about the hearts and minds of the very young.


While Waldorf Publications was editing this thrilling adventure story with Eric, he expressed his wish for the book to be a tribute to the elemental worlds of the earth. We think he has masterfully accomplished this! We are delighted (of course!) that Kirkus acknowledges this as well!


Are you a teacher (Grades 4, 5, and 6, especially)? Here’s a read-aloud book or a class reader worth the pursuit!! Reclaim with your students the imaginative picturing of the natural world, empowering children to understand that they can help the earth.


Are you a parent?  Well, here’s the perfect chapter book for a read aloud bedtime story (age 6 and older).  It’s also a wonderful read-on-your-own book for readers from age 9 or 10 and older.


Eric said this about what he hopes for children who enter the world of The Invisible Boat:

“First and foremost, I hope that the children enter into the diverse imaginations offered, and that they are inwardly fulfilled and feel joy. I hope that the story can serve as a seed that will develop in the child so that they grow to love nature and care for the environment; that they feel empowered to be active and positive participants in the world. Furthermore, I hope that the children can become more sensitive to the invisible world, to the beingness of the world. The world can be a scary place, and there is much that can make the child feel insecure, helpless, and fearful. I wanted the story to exude a sense of safety, security, and goodness, despite all the shadowy aspects. The children I write about in the book are courageous, thoughtful, and caring. But they also experience fear, doubt, and frustration. With the help of others, especially the elemental beings, they are able to find their own inner strength and overcome themselves and the problems they are confronted with. I hope that through the books the children’s sense of responsibility is fostered and that their sense for what is good, beautiful, and true is strengthened.”

The Invisible Boat