Book Review: Matt McFlack and His Flyaway Kite July 26 2018

Here comes a darling children’s book about a little fellow who spends his wealth on a kite, blue yellow, and white. Through rhythmic verses, the story is told of Matt’s difficulties with a kite that demonstrates it has a personality of its own and takes train rides, wind rides, and long sails away from his little friend.

The illustrations are beautifully rendered with colors that express the friendship of the kite and the boy very well. Every page is carefully done both in writing and in colorful story pictures. The book will serve well for young readers and will also make a wonderful read-aloud tale for little ones. Great sympathy will be conjured for this lad who, try as he might, just cannot contain his exuberant kite. In the end, friends just cannot be separated, and despair turns to gladness in a happy reunion!

Waldorf Publications does not, generally, publish many children’s books.  There are so many lavishly illustrated books on the market for children. Illustrations end to diminish the request of the small reader or listener to make inner pictures from the story, exercising an inner capacity of picture making so that it becomes strong and automatic in the child.  When the illustrations are plentiful and detailed, there’s no room for the child to make this effort and an opportunity is lost.  Matt McFlack moved our Publications Committee members (Elan Leibner, Natalie Adams, Frederick Amrine) with its whimsy and its simple tale of a little boy’s hopes and losses (and re-gains).

We think that you will also be moved by this charming story, gently illustrated enough to leave room for children and angels!