Book Review: Painting at School April 16 2018

Life is all about color!

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Dick Bruin and Attie Lichthart have devoted their lives to painting and the teaching of painting. In their new book, Painting at School, they express a deep understanding of color and joyful devotion to painting and its value in the lives of individuals, especially in children.

Their original work, now almost twenty years in the world, Painting in Waldorf Schools, is still rich with insights about painting as soul food for children (and adults) and valuable in its suggestions about approaching painting lessons. The original book came with a CD of paintings.

In their new book, Painting at School, they add further information and insight, from their additional years of experience, study, and practice and name this work in its subtitle,  A handbook for elementary and secondary education. Grade by grade these experienced artists explain what goals and techniques are useful and effective to be established for all ages of students. This edition is filled with full-color examples of paintings that can be done in school with instructions on how to do them.


The world of color offers us a unique language of expression, lifting all the senses to a realm in which words fall away, allowing for a new language. Blue speaks of depth and perspective; Red to solidity and forcefulness; Yellow, of kind spirit and lightness. Then, of course, Green so soothing and restful, is like a respite within a forest or meadow. Giving this language of color to children throughout their schooling develops sensitivity in the world and influences them every day.

Study and Practice color with these masters!  This book, Painting at School, is one superb way to do it!

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