October School Year Sales are Coming! August 21 2019

Once you get back on screen, [IF YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED UP TO JOIN US FOR SCREEN FREE SEPTEMBER — DON’T WAIT! Just send your email to Patrice @waldorf-research.org, and you can sign up for a complete media fast or a “disciplined curtailment” for four weeks!] Look for school-year sales coming once Screen Free September concludes is completed!! A mystery gift goes to everyone who orders at BIG DISCOUNTS in OCTOBER on October 1, 2 or 3!!!

We think that back to school at its best will be without screens. Allowing students to get to know their teachers before any screens intervene and for parents to discover what their children’s new school year will be like before any screens make interactions invisible. And for the rest of us, can we take up a discipline of fewer screen hours? Here at Waldorf Publications, we are discussing ways to reduce screen time each day. In publishing, we are eight hours (at least) on the screen each day! We are exploring ways to cut this down by at least two hours and catch up on non-screen activities.
See what you can do along with us to make our world a little more human, a little less technological!


Look for the Sales coming October 1! 

Be ready for giant discounts and a mystery gift!!!