Screen Free September Begins! August 31 2019

Here at Waldorf Publications we have been discussing what we might do for Screen Free September.  [Be sure to fill out the “before” survey from Witten University  before Sunday to help in the research about technology and its effects on us all.]

We cannot go off screen entirely or we would need to shut down our whole publishing business. Here’s what we have committed to do:

  • First: we are pushing all online promotional sales off until October 1, 2019
  • Second: we have lined up tasks that need tending that will be done offline
    • We have agreed that no screen time will happen after work (we tend to be available for things after office hours and this won’t happen in September)
    • Re-organizing and purging our paper filing systems which have not been reorganized since we moved in January 2018
    • Organizing the parts for our science kits for inventorying review of how these are assembled.
  • Third: Online, each of us will blog about our experiences for you.
  • Fourth: We will accept reports from all of you out there as well, as you participate!

We have also agreed that for next year’s Screen Free September we might move it to August since many schools begin earlier than September.

For the first week we have agreed to take a working break at 11:30 for an hour and a half to do the offline tasks listed above.

We will review how this feels to us as some are worried about this disrupting our usual working tendencies and we will readjust (and report) after week one and plan as we go.  This is, after all, an experimental year ‑— and only year one!

There is some trepidation here as all our work is necessarily onscreen!  But we are proceeding with goodwill to see if, perhaps, the varying of work will improve our health (our eyesight) and our productivity.  Anything is possible!