The Spring Issue of Renewal is Coming May 21 2020

Schools have been given the marvelous flexibility from AWSNA of choosing to have the Spring issue of Renewal mailed to schools as per usual this June or else next fall when everyone is back in school again. This is good thinking. The issue is chock full of wonderful articles about the future of Waldorf Education in North America. It is full of the optimistic spirit of Waldorf100 that we have been enjoying and that should not be dampened at all by the disruptions of the pandemic!

Spring Garden Waldorf School

The issue will give teachers and parents in all our communities rich and encouraging reading material at home, reminding them of our powerful connection with Waldorf communities around the continent and around the world. Every school is different, and we know that some schools will not be able to reconvene in the fall. (New York State is partnering with the Gates Foundation on re-imagining “a new normal” for education, for example! So, only time can tell what that new normal might be like. Suspense is in the air!).

Some schools are preparing end-of-year packets to go home to families as a virtual closing ceremony for this extraordinary year. Each school will make the right choice for its community.  This is the issue with which Ronald Koetzsch and Anne Riegel-Koetzsch retire—the culmination of their twenty-eight years of devoted care in producing this beautiful representation of Waldorf Education in North America. It is a gift of Waldorf Education’s truth, beauty, and goodness, from their hands, hearts, and minds to yours!