Waldorf Grade 5 Book Recommendations December 15 2020

The fifth-grade child is reaching the height of childhood. Capacities have solidified and consolidation runs through the whole fifth grade year. The child begins to realize what he or she knows and can do. Rudolf Steiner said that fifth grade is a year of balance. Though this is true, it can be misleading. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the fifth-grade year is without any problems. This balance is most clearly true for the physical maturing of the child, as a child. For the first time the breath and heartbeat reach adult proportions. Each breath is now accompanied by four heartbeats. This gives youngsters a new stamina and endurance. Memories in grade five are strong and enthusiastic. Reading often “lands” for a youngster in the fifth-grade year and independent reading of long chapter books becomes possible. The following books are designed to help in not only meeting the inner life of the eleven-year-old, but also in preparing the curriculum for grade five which is designed so well to meet the children!

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For Waldorf Teachers and Parents

Awakening Intelligence Magda Lisseau
Evaluation, Homework, and Teacher’s Support David Mitchell, ed.
From Images to Thinking David Mitchell, ed.
Growing Up Healthy in a World of Digital Media Michaela Glöckler
Immersion Learning: A Travelogue Frans Lutters
Second Grade Development, Observation, and Assessment Else Gottgens (Though titled, “second grade” it can be useful, in sections, for assessing at any age
Tending the Spark Betty Staley
The Temperaments and the Arts Magda Lissau
Working with Anxious, Nervous, and Depressed Children Henning Koehler and Joseph Baily

For Curriculum Development in Waldorf Grade 5:

Mathematics and Geometry in Waldorf Grade 5

Active Arithmetic Henning Andersen
Finding the Path Bengt Ulin (a book to stimulate your own relationship to math!)
Geometry Lessons in a Waldorf School Ernst
Math Lessons for Elementary Grades Dorothy Harrer
Making Math Meaningful, Workbook for Grade 5  Jaimie York
The Waldorf Approach to Arithmetic  Herman von Baravalle

Language Arts in Waldorf Grade 5

An English Grammar Rudolf Schmid
An English Manual Dorothy Harrer
Spelling by Hand Jeremy Herrmann
Teaching Language Arts in a Waldorf School Roberto Trostli, ed.
The Power of Grammar Anne Greer

History in Waldorf Grade 5

Ancient Mythologies: India, Persia, Babylon, Egypt Charles Kovacs
Chapters from Ancient History Dorothy Harrer
Hellas Wilem Frederik Veitman
Helen and Penelope L.F.C.Mees, M.D.
Her Bak,“Chick-Pea”: The Living Face of Ancient Egypt (a series) Isha Schwaller de Lubicz.
On Teaching History Henry Barnes
The Revelations of Evolutionary Events Evelyn Debusschere

Botany in Waldorf Grade 5

Children & Nature: Making Connections George K. Russell, ed.
Little Bee Sunbeam Jakob Streit (also a good reader for fifth grade)
The Bee Book Jakob Streit (also a good reader for fifth grade)
The Dandelion’s Cousin Gertrude Teutsch (also a good reader for fifth grade)
The Living World of Plants Gerbert Grohman

Music in Waldorf Grade 5

Drama and the Class Play in Waldorf Grade 5

25 Plays David Mitchell, ed.
Eureka! John Trevillion and Jeffrey Spade
Hawthorne Valley Harvest William Ward, ed.
Pedagogical Theater Arthur Pittis
Three Plays for Small Classes Vivian Jones-Schmidt

Art in Waldorf Grade 5


For Meeting Children’s Needs in the Grade 5 Waldorf Classroom

Developing the Observing Eye Cynthia Lange
Difficult Children: There Is No Such Thing Henning Koehler and Joseph Bailey
Educating the Will Michael Howard
From Images to Thinking David Mitchell, ed.
Helping Children on Their Way Elizabeth Auer
Learning about the World through Modeling Arthur Auer
Raphael: The Mysteries of Illness and Healing Michaela Glöckler, M.D.
Will-Developed Intelligence Patricia Livingston and David Mitchell
Working with Anxious, Nervous, and Depressed Children Henning Koehler and Joseph Baily

Readers for Waldorf Fifth Graders

Anne of Green Gables Lucy Maud Montgomery
Any book by Howard Pyle _ book of Pirates, Robin Hood, King Arthur
At the Hot Gates Donald Samson
 Jonathan and the Tree Gilad Goldschmidt
Little Bee Sunbeam Jakob Streit
Paddle to the Sea Holling C. Holling
Sarah Plain and Tall
Patricia McLachlan
The Alpha Beta Book Keith McCrary (learn to speak some Greek!)
The Bee Book Jakob Streit
The Dandelion’s Cousin Gertrude Teutsch
The Dragon Boy and the Star Trilogy Donald Samson
The Hardy Boys Adventure books Franklin W. Dixon
The Invisible Boat Eric Müller
The Invisible Boat and the Molton Dragon Eric Müller
The Jack Tales Richard Chase
The Living World of the Plants Gerbert Grohman


Read Aloud Books for Waldorf Fifth Graders

American Tall Tales Mary Pope Osborne
At the Back of the North Wind George MacDonald
Old Yeller Fred Rascal Sterling North
Redwall (series) Brian Jacques
Sarah Plain and Tall Patricia MacLachlan
The Littles (series) John Lawrence Peterson
The Jack Tales Richard Chase
Where the Red Fern Grows Wilson Rawls


For Waldorf Parents

Adventures in Parenting Rachel Ross
Assessment for Learning in Waldorf Classrooms Sara Ciborski & Helen-Ann Ireland
Child Development at a Glance Christian Breme
Into the World: How Waldorf Graduates Fare after High School, Douglas Gerwin, Ilan Safit, ed
Parent Participation in the Life of a Waldorf School Manfred Liest
Partnerships of Hope Christopher Schaefer
Rubicon Rudolf Steiner/Monica
The Wisdom of Waldorf Education for the Future Rahima Baldwin
Trailing Clouds of Glory Douglas Gerwin
Waldorf Education: An Introduction Henry Barnes
Windows into Waldorf  David Mitchell

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