Are you ready for “Buy Nothing Day” and a Cozy Thanksgiving Weekend? November 24 2019

We’re in Year Seven of our celebrations, and we want to hear from you!

The moment is coming to gather in your family and friends and take up a craft or two together: BUY NOTHING FRIDAY.

The day after Thanksgiving, the hectic day traditionally called “Black Friday,” is our day to say, “Let’s relax, sing tell stories and craft together.” 

Get ready! This day of giving thanks, particular to American and Canadian cultures, is a holiday, a pause, a gift-free weekend that has only to do with the people we love and good food in all the abundance we can muster. The day after the big day of family and feasting, Friday can be one of sustaining the feelings of gratitude, the keynote of Thanksgiving Day. Feeling appreciation for all we have in our lives is the reason for this break in regular life. Feeling grateful is a restorative mood of the soul all by itself. Why not maintain it for more than a single day? 


Here at Waldorf Publications and the Research Institute for Waldorf Education (RIWE), we are preparing to offer ideas for crafts, songs, stories, and plans for fun things to share with your family and friends that help you to relax, avoid the frenzy “out there” and to take advantage of the more inward aspects of the season of thanks and the season of grace that follows. Doing things together unites us and builds understanding and peace on earth.


Some of you may have joined us for “Screen-Free September.” Friends from around the world worked to eliminate or curtail the number of hours spent in front of a screen. The University of Witten in Germany joined in. It surveyed participants both before and after to measure participants’ moods and feelings of well-being after measurable numbers of hours away from screen activity.


Those of you who joined us will recognize immediately the opportunity in Buy Nothing Friday to continue practices that give us joy in working together, working with our hands, working with real (not virtual) things!


Come along with us on Buy Nothing Friday and look forward to the wonderful easy, fun, and heartwarming projects for this golden day of family, friends, and quiet fun.


To celebrate our Seventh Anniversary of Buy Nothing Friday, we’d be glad to hear from you about what your good craft ideas are, and on the very day, what you do to celebrate being together with your family and friends. Anyone who sends us ideas or pictures of your Buy Nothing Friday will receive a code to earn $7.00 off any purchase at Waldorf Publications. Let us know and celebrate by buying nothing! 


We will be posting the Buy Nothing Friday activity packet (and the instructions to receive $7 off your next purchase) on Thursday evening. However, it is not too early to begin gathering materials to use for some of the crafts. Specifically, dried pinecones and felt balls! Gather as many as you can and get ready for Buy Nothing Friday 2019!