Juneteenth - A day for celebration, education, and connection. June 19 2020

Here at the Research Institute for Waldorf Education (RIWE) and Waldorf Publications (WP) we are watching the protests following the line of deaths of black people at the hands of police. Our urgent hope is that permanent change might be possible at last in light of recent events. The epidemic of violence that destroys the lives of this perennially repressed group of people destroys all our lives, ultimately, and must end.


Everything about Waldorf education works to engender, in all young people, respect for the sacredness of all life, certainly of all people. “Black Lives Matter” is a truthful expression of this practice. It is calling us all to understand that lives are sacred, no matter whose or what life it might be. The hateful prejudices and historical methods that would make some lives matter more than others must be stopped for us all to realize the depth of love and respect that human beings are designed to bring to the world. We all have a responsibility to fulfill this mission.


All living things, human beings of all races and ethnicities, all animals on the earth, all plants and trees — all life — is a gift and must be honored and protected to express itself in its rightful form.


Patrice Maynard, Director of Publications and Development at RIWE spent last week with the Summer Research Institute of the Mind & Life Institute. The theme of the research was “Cultivating Prosocial Behavior.” This was planned long ago but is prophetic for the needs being expressed now. We can help each other to learn compassion, learn truthfulness, learn respect. May there be for all people and all living things, kindness, compassion, recognition, and peace. May these peaceful protests of frustration, anguish, and grief be honored with authentic change!