Saint Brigid's Day February 01 2018

Just before Groundhog Day (Candlemas in Christianity), on February 1, is Saint Brigid’s Day (also known as Bridie, Brigit, Brigitte, Biddy, Birdie).  This Irish saint was known for the feeding of the poor, tending to the sick and dying, and instilling hope in the hearts of the desperate.  She was beautiful by all accounts; a radiant, high, Irish beauty, who chose to give her life to God.

St. Brigid's CrossYou can find out how to make a St. Brigid’s cross, in Celtic terms, a Bogha Bride, in this charming video.

This craft gets you outside and gives you a quick chance to make a handmade sacred symbol. Brigid would make these simple crosses as she sat at the bedside of those in illness or facing death, giving the afflicted something from the beloved countryside and lifting their thoughts to heaven. The form imitates that of the Big Dipper as it turns like the hands of a clock through the sky.

Brigid is credited with establishing the Irish tradition of caoineadh or keening following a death. She evidently began from real emotion following the death of her son, Ruadán.

The holiday is called Imbolc in Ireland or Lá Fhéile Bhríde in Celtic Irish and is one of the eight sacred holidays in Irish pagan traditions. Brigid was called a helpful cailleach ("witch"). She collects kindling to make a fire in the winter that will warm the spring and make her young again. She grows younger as the seasons become warmer and lead to spring.

Warm your hearts on this day!  Salute Brigid and begin your Brigid’s cross!