Valentine’s Day! February 13 2019

This day, so important to children and our culture, holds the potential for unlocking deep feelings of love one human being holds for another. Teaching kindergarten and children in grades one through five, illuminates how important the young feel it is to let family, teachers, and friends know how much they are loved. These are lessons from the young worthy of emulation. In these times, so many are in urgent need of attention and affection. Our Earth herself is in need of heart warmth (instead of global warmth!) and care.

Overcoming feelings of antipathy, estrangement, and hostility for others, for groups, for religions, for those with differing ideas about sexuality, humanity, and the whole experience of being human is extraordinarily important now. Overcoming distractions to truly see another person, to see a child, or to even see ourselves clearly is no easy undertaking.

On this day, St. Valentine’s Day, honoring a saint who risked his life to marry couples in love when Roman law forbade it, let us take extraordinary courage like his, to match the extraordinary need of our time to express gratitude, appreciation, and love to those around us. Children do this well and so can we! On this one day, it is “allowed” to step away from the more commonplace brushing-past-each-other and stop and look each other in the eyes and express affection. Let’s all think about it ahead of time and be prepared to guarantee the day won’t pass without a moment of attention to those in our lives we love the most, appreciate the most, and maybe even take for granted the most!

Happy Valentine’s Day, to you, from your friends here at the Research Institute for Waldorf Education and Waldorf Publications! You give our work meaning, support, life, and love.  Thank you!

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