We have an unusual request... October 14 2020

2020 is a very strange year!  We are filled with admiration at the flexibility, courage, and determination with which you, our Waldorf families and school communities are accomplishing things for our youngsters! We are inspired by the cheerfulness and energy with which all our friends and community are coping with the time warps, the infection worries, the perception bending, and election frenzy. We have never felt closer to our whole community than we have over these last few weeks and months. Thank you!

In this mood of autumn, here in New York at Waldorf Publications, we have an unusual request for you all. . .

Christmas, Hanukkah, and their seasons this year promise to be as upended as everything else in the rhythms of our world!  USPS and UPS are dealing with the rule changes and volume increases and deliveries can be delayed by weeks—or not! Our ordinary publishing outlets are also often erratic in their timing.

We ask you NOW to think ahead with us and with your orders to anticipate NOW what might be needed for everything from your block teaching in school or at home, to birthday gifts, to holiday gifts (Hanukkah comes early this year on December 10! Christmas, as far as reports can be trusted, will again occur on December 25). Your orders should be placed as early as possible!  We are doing the same anticipating and ordering as if everything will be needed immediately so that we have what you might need or want without delay.

Those of you who have enjoyed our “Buy Nothing Fridays” know that we at Waldorf Publications like best the fending off of purchasing madness before the mood of the season greets us properly with Nature for granting grace to each season’s splendor.  Like all other things this year, topsy-turvy is the season, every season, and we wanted you to hear what’s happening with us so that we can serve whatever is happening with you! So, consider your needs in advance and let us know what we can provide.

Our online store is open for you twenty-four/seven: www.WaldorfPublications.org.

Write to us with your questions: publications@waldorf-research.org if there is ANYTHING with which we can help in your anticipation of the coming seasons!! We so appreciate hearing from you.

This comes to you with wishes for nature to sooth you as it soothes us, for you to have confidence in your steadfast striving as powerful shielding from distraction and the illusion of chaos. Our work to fulfill the potential of the threefold human being (heads, hands and hearts together) and to teach and share with love, is significant.