November 28, 2017 November 28 2017


Keep the Research Institute for Waldorf Education, RIWE, in your good thoughts on Giving Tuesday!

Give a gift if you can but most importantly give us your good thoughts. Thoughts are as valuable as financial contributions!

Here at RIWE, the parent organization of Waldorf Publications, the work is quiet and steady to ensure that the world finds the highest caliber information about Waldorf education and its efficacy. The effort started in 1996 with an eye to North America, but since its inception, the world comes looking here when it needs to know what Waldorf schools do for the young and their families, and what Waldorf teachers need to do it.

RIWE is not only a front runner on Waldorf education, but by design it is a steady runner, right on the heels of brain research, developmental psychology and physiology findings, research on sensory integration and performance, results of technology on children’s growth and health, the power of the arts in educating children, and much more. As a quiet, steady, un-publicity oriented organization, RIWE works to foster calm courage in pursuing what is best for the young in learning, and for families in lifestyle.

The Research Bulletin with its rich collection of research articles on all aspects of Waldorf education is much needed in our modern culture. The development of the Online Waldorf Library (OWL for short) with its treasure trove of free downloadable books and articles in three different languages brings Waldorf information right to your home. And the addition of Waldorf Publications, dedicated to high caliber, reliable books, science kits, and enrollment materials explaining Waldorf education and providing resources for teachers, families and children — all three create portals through which now Waldorf education is easily accessible.