Now available - A Call to Teach February 14 2021

Among the few books available that address the vocational call to be a teacher, up rises A Call to Teach, like a friendly morning sun.  Torin Finser’s book celebrates the power of the vocation of teaching.  High time!

In the midst of the digital debacle in education caused by the pandemic of 2020, Finser’s timely book reminds us all of the importance teachers hold in the minds and hearts of the young. Films have been made around the transformations that become possible for a youngster from the dedicated heart of a teacher — and also about the damage that can be done by a teacher who deviates from the priceless calling to follow his or her own dislikes against a particular child. The power of the teacher is clear.

This book explores what the feelings are of this strong “call” to teach, inviting readers to imagine what it might be like to be an educator. Financial drivers in our culture might very well be deflecting true teachers from a path that would fulfill their true teacher’s hearts.

Just at this time of the lock-down and remarkable disruption of rhythmical school days, when teachers are pressed to discover effective ways to utilize two-dimensional screen technology, Torin Finser reminds us of the sacredness of the teaching vocation, and the limitless power of a teacher to change lives, forge a golden future, and navigate these difficult and turbulent waters.

A Call to Teach is a book for everyone.  Education affects us all as the future bearing element in any culture. Teachers are the midwives of each child’s destiny.  A Call to Teach is a bold reminder that any vocational call — but especially the call to teach — answered honestly by a human heart is extraordinarily powerful! It is inspiring to understand this “Call to Teach.”